Great White Sharks Breaching, Watch from the Boat

How about Watching Great White Sharks Beaching in False
Bay Cape Town
from the comfort of a Boat

Great White Sharks Breaching in False Bay!
False Bay, Cape Town is home to the "flying" Great White Sharks. The Great White Sharks unique ability to breach out
of the water has earned this apex predator the nickname the "flying" Great White Sharks. This unique hunting behaviour
is seen nowhere else on earth on a regular basis and as such, has put False Bay firmly on the map for any shark enthusiasts...

The Great White Sharks breaching behaviour is seen usually when hunting down seals. The Shark comes from below
in the deep sea, aims it sights on its prey and then, like a torpedo, it propels itself out of the water, at the seal. The seal
literally has no idea what has hit it. If the shark misses the seal then the chase is on, and what an exciting chase it is!
Watching nature at its best will get your heart pumping and your adrenalin flowing for sure! Great White Sharks
also breach for a seal decoy. The crew tow a decoy shaped like a seal to encourage the sharks to breach.
This technique is very popular as it allows the shark breaching photographs the
opportunity of a lifetime...

Sharks Breaching, Predation - False Bay

  • Price form - R1 350 p/p Best price in Cape Town
  • Departure time - 7am & 12.45pm (morning & afternoon dives)
  • Duration - 5 hours
  • Meals - Light meals/snacks
  • No diving experience or diving certificate required

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Great White Sharks Breaching in False Bay
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Watching Great White Sharks Breaching in False Bay Cape Town, best price in South Africa
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